|RENEGADES MOD SERVER| -- ATTENTION!!: guy who runs this server on branzone

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Hey fella. Hey brutha, I love renegades, and obviously so do you because you are hosting the only server.

Now come closer to your screen, I need to tell ya something...hey buddy, did you know that when you host a ren server you need to turn off CRC checking?
Yes its true my friend, when your server is joined by anyone tempted to try out renegades, they get booted in about 10 seconds and receive this little surprise:

"Your connection with the server was lost"

So please buddy, please just turn off CRC checking so people can play ren. Otherwise it is renegades receiving some bad publicity. Also, could you please rename the server to THEAETHER.NET once we get 30 people to play on it? haha

Also, if your tired of testing this server I'll help pay the rent in exchange for being able to help maintain it... perhaps posting a link to download the ren client on the welcome page would help attract some new players too. Too bad renwerx no longer hosts ren client!
Oh here ya go: http://www.tribaloutpost.com/download/mod/renegades-client-v4-0

much love, :-*


  • Hear Hear. I'd really love to see this server get off the ground, Renegades is the best. Will be checking tonight to see if it's working...
  • Ren 4 life.
  • Bummer no response from the owner... I wonder if I should phone up branzone and ask them to give the guy my email address.

    Anyone have connections at branzone???
  • Pretty much every TWL player has connections at Branzone, since the guy who runs it is also a TWL player and hangs out in #lastgasp.
  • Thanks Kryand, yeah I figured as much but didnt know the history as back in the day I tried to stay away from the TWL forums for the most part due to all the social jibber jabber and flame wars lol

    I sent this email to branzone support & sales a minute ago:
    Hi there,

    Someone is hosting a Tribes2 server called |RENEGADES MOD SERVER| on your servers.
    I would like to contact the admin because the game is unplayable because they forgot that CRC checking needs to be disabled or else the server boots clients off after 10 seconds.

    Please forward the admin my email address as I would also like to donate some money to them, and help them finish configuring this server.

    If these requests are asking too much though I am willing to spend the money to host my own Tribes2 renegades server. I would like to know the costs associated with that and would appreciate it if you could set it up for me with RENEGADES mod installed.


    Hopefully this gets the ball rolling!
  • Just go in #lastgasp and PM bran or brandon whichever nick he is using at the time.
  • Got a reply back from Brandon.. says he emailed the admin. server still isnt fixed... arrgh
    Im thinkin of just starting up my own.
    Any ideas how I could, um, get it to be played on? Its the best mod but its hard to get ppl to come play initially.
    First thing I'll do is put a link to download the client right on the "laoding" screen.. what else?
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    Got an additional reply from Brandon at Branzone. He says:

    The problem is that we have been unable to obtain the Renegades server files to fix the problem.

    Thank you for your concern.

    - Brandon R. Miller

    Folks, Ive posted in the old Renwerx forums asking for the old files, and I've posted here as well a cry for help getting these files. If anyone can help i will be in your debt! I am especially looking for renegades "2.1b".
    I did find 2.0b but that wont do....

    On a side note:
    It really miffs me that Renwerx went forth to work on ascension, totally changing the Renwerx site from being a place for the renegades mod to being its own entity for Ascension, and when that was binned it was like hmm yeah lets disable all download links to the tiny little renegades files.

    I appreciate Renwerx setting a goal to make a new game, and trying valiantly -- but in the process they kinda forgot their origins...

    I am happy to host these files elsewhere.. If you have them, please hook me up!
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