Need help with Player IFF and Flag IFF

Basically most .pngs are colored with the red and green already but I've noticed some iff.vl2s come with just one thats like a neutral color. Like grey so that way it will just take the color of whatever color it needs to be. Does anyone know how to photoshop a .png to do this? I already have custom player IFF and a nice flag IFF but I would rather have it like a neutral color like this:

So it will take on whatever color its told too. That image I found in a regular flag iff. Anyone good with doing this type of stuff?

Here is the link to the vl2 for more info if it will help:

Simply, I want my custom IFFs to just be made into a grey one similar to that image I posted, isntead of the green and red ones so this way it will only be ONE image isntead of two. And that will load for both enemry and friendly players and flags.


  • You can't. Tribes 2 decides whether it will color an image itself or use the default color. Even if you color in one of those gray PNGs, Tribes 2 will ignore the color and change it all the same.
  • Yeah thats what I want to do. Just to let T2 make the image whatever color what it wants. Like how it does with the flags.
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