PLEASE HELP!!!!! Need Tribes2 renegades client and server files!!!


I need ANY Tribes 2 renegades files you may have. I am looking for in particular the server files that are needed. Also, any of the original installation & setup notes would be most helpful as Renwerx is no longer a functional place to download these. Hopefully someone out there has them stowed away!


If you need, I can give you a temp FTP account on my server for you to upload em to.

THANKS!!!!!! :-*

DJ fuQ


  • Cool!

    Thank you for sending this my way.... I really appreciate your response.

    Checkin this out... is this version 2.1b??? The file name is "" but I cant tell...I opened it but cant see version information in here anywhere.... (dso files -- wow I wonder why those were used instead of cs files... oh well)

    So far I was able to find 2.0b

    Inside comparing both the ren_scripts.vl2 files, they are the same size, although the one I got from Tribal Outpost is actually packed 3 months later.

    Through a process of guessing/deduction I am guessing this is not version 2.1b

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Quote about how to install from RLH's post on renwerx:
    Download and install 2.0b Renegades server.
    Update to 2.1b Renegades server.
    This is an update that all servers will need. It will update your machine from 2.0b to 2.1b. Make sure you download the 2.0b server first. Extract this to your tribes2\gamedata\renegades directory
    I really appreciate you confirming this....

    Another question, will the client file need to be at the same patch level? or will the client file I got from tribaloutpost work with this version?
  • Sorry to necro this old post, but I wanted to add to your post here, for people who come across this info in the future. Unfortunately at the time of me reading this, there are only the posts by djfuq visible here, and I wish I knew what was confirmed about this topic, and see what was sent! :P

    Anyways, I recently (finally) managed to get a TribesNext T2 server running with the Renegades mod! It appears that I can get it updated to Renegades Version 2.0b (2-26-03) - this info is displayed on the server's loading screen.

    I'm looking around for the 2.1b update and hopefully some original .cs files that are non-DSOs.

    Good luck everyone!! I hope Tribes 2 lives on forever for us nostalgic OGs!

  • There were a few people who went through and removed some of their old posts years back, this must've been one of them...

    Not certain of the specifics, but I assume the confirmation was that the ren_scripts.vl2 included in one of those common mod packs was the final "2.1b" server script release. I'm not sure whether it changes the loadscreen version number, as the package I found archived doesn't appear to at first glance:

    There were also some issues surrounding Renegades servers crashing due to DNS resolution issues with the old renwerx site though, so it's possible you may need to look up the post here for the workaround.

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