Tribes 4 Announced

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with recent Tribes Series news. Tribes 4 was announced. This guy on youtube covers most of this important stuff. Check it out (he actually starts talking about news at :58 seconds.



    and this isn't it either
  • I'd respect his attempt at a "newscast" more if he had managed to complete it in one take...

    and this isn't it either
  • If they screw up skiing like they did in Tribes: Vengeance then it'll bomb with the old-school players like T:V did. Skiing wasn't a "feature" for T1. Players just worked out their own skill for reducing their friction while sliding across terrain. T2 kept that aspect even though the devs were aware of how skiing was being used, they didn't mess with it as a game mechanic. A new developer picked up the production rights for Tribes: Vengeance and totally screwed it up by implementing auto-skiing as a feature. Sure, that lowered the bar for new players to get in a few shots on the veterans from T1/T2 but on the other hand it alienated every old-school player that worked to build that up as a required skill.

    I don't know if the guy in that YouTube video is legit or not. And I really don't care all that much. PlanetSide was a similar genre to what this guy was talking about and it enjoyed some success ...for a monthly fee. But as far as a "Tribes 3," it definatly existed on the UT2003 engine (not UT2004) and was named "Tribes: Vengeance."
  • Omg....seriously enough with these posts. This is about 3 weeks old news now. Why does everyone come on the forums claiming they've got "news" that Tribes Universe is coming out when we already know?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cant wait to be able to dance for xp like in star wars galaxies
  • cant wait to be able to dance for xp like in star wars galaxies

    That was the only thing I lived for in SWG.

    Before the dark times...before the NGE...
  • Err, how can we possibly have a T4 if there is no T3?
  • I know it's hard, but just let the tread die.

    If you want technicalities for "Tribes 3" there is Tribes Aerial Assault for PS2 and Tribes 4 would be Tribes Vengeance.
  • i think the engine used and api employed for grafix is what killed tv, both of wich will be reemployed for t4
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