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  • Hi Roberto. Your ati card should be good enough to play most games, but with a 128bit memory interface, high resolutions and more than 2x antialiasing will make the card stutter in intense game scenes. It should do lovely for games where image quality takes precedence over frames per second and some lag is tolerable.
    Ati cards usualy have issues with t2, and this has always been the case. There are certain things one can do to help keep the ues at bay, one of wich is to disable catalyst ai in the catalyst control panel.
  • T2 can be set to full detail grafix and not bother a vid card too much. Post you clientprefs and I'll see if I can help it any. The thing about pc parts is heat. Heat dries out capacitors whose insides need to stay wet, and the heat sink grease also needs to remain wet to work properly. heat dries all this out and then parts fail. Also, electromigration increases with heat.

    So keeping your entire pc cool is a good idea, and if you do the parts can last a long time. I have a few vid cards and entire systems from the late 90s to early 2000s that still work so pc parts if cared for can last a long time.
  • try these changes after making sure your desktop is running in 32bit colour and copying your current clientprefs somewhere safe:

    $pref::Interior::DynamicLights = "1";

    $pref::OpenGL::force16BitTexture = "0";

    $pref::OpenGL::disableARBTextureCompression = "0";
    $pref::OpenGL::disableEXTCompiledVertexArray = "0";
    $pref::OpenGL::disableEXTFogCoord = "0";
    $pref::OpenGL::maxHardwareLights = "8";

    $pref::Terrain::dynamicLights = "1";
    $pref::Terrain::DynamicLightsClipPix = "0";
    $pref::Terrain::DynamicLightsFadePix = "0";
    $pref::Terrain::enableDetails = "1";
    $pref::Terrain::screenError = "0";
    $pref::Terrain::texDetail = "0";
    $pref::Terrain::textureCacheSize = "10240";

    $pref::TS::skipFirstFog = "1";

    $pref::Video::resolution = "1024 768 32";

    no reason to run the game in 16bit colour with a card as powerfull as yours
  • when the fps drops due to lots of players in view thats the vid card not your cpu

    even the most powerfull cards out today have issues with t2 when many players are in view

    just the way it is
  • you sent it back right?

    try to get an nvid card next time, they usualy play t2 a bit more reliably
  • they sent it to you broke?
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