Alright, so I have this problem with my game of lag (best I can describe it) that seems unrelated to my ping. My ping runs typically from 50-80s. I don't know what causes this issue and I tried the jittery issues thread with no results. I figured I would just deal with it and play on, as it isn't that big of a deal. But some whiner in Goon Haven called me a cheater over it so I figure I should get it sorted out. Most of the time this lag thing results in my death though and I haven't seen any benefit by it. Also, it especially happens when I'm initially targeting flag carriers. I have missed a ridiculous amount of shots on flag carriers due to this issue.

Shift is my fire button and enter is my jet pack putton. That is what I used when I started playing over a decade ago, so it is sort of ingrained at this point. I use vista now, but I don't imagine this causes the specific problem since it happens a small fraction of the time.

The only script I have is the script the helps you sort the scripts. After I downloaded and installed that one I decided I didn't really want scripts, so I have no others. The problem has been happening since day one of installation of the game and would be unrelated to this script.

What should I do? Thanks for any help!


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    Further, almost everytime I grab the flag there is an lag shortly after.

    Edit: After playing a bit paying attention to the lag it actually does it all the time, but it bothers me most in relation to the flag!
  • is there anything else running when playing t2?
  • Norton 360 seems to be the only notable.

    Apparently there is a firewall here and I didn't even notice it lol. I'm making the assumption this is the problem. I changed the access from custom to allow for tribes 2. I will check to see if that changes anything in the morning.

    I didn't exactly know what the "jittery" game meant.

    Thanks for the timely response Blakhart!
  • Also, create a file called autoexec.cs inside your scripts/autoexec folder and add this line to it:


    Your game may run smoother at a setting of 0, but you can also try it enabled with 1, my core2duo sys runs noticeably smoother with it enabled than disabled.
  • Yeah, none of that helped :(. I tried playing with the norton stuff off and that didn't help either. I guess I just need to go find an old computer that can handle tribes 2.

    I don't really want to try out that new strategy with the internal clock thing. Thanks for the help though.
  • what are the system specs?
  • Windows Vista Home Premium

    AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-Core Processor 2.3 GHz
    7 GB RAM
    64 bit OS
    NVIDIA GeForce 6140SE nForce 430

    I did just notice that you can change the compatibility mode for the game, which I'm currently playing it on windows XP (service pack 2). Not much, if any change in gameplay. I'm going to try Windows 98 on it soon. Does this compatibility mode change actually do much?
  • try these gems:

    a quad is going to mess with the game good

    as to compatibility modes, it may be a virtual xp machine, or it may be simply altering where registry keys are shown to an app, not sure as I don't have a running visata box
  • Are you playing wirelessly? I used to have spurts of lag where the game would freeze up for a second or two. I never noticed it in other games but then i started seeing it. For example in Team Fortress 2 I would lag when trying to get out of a door and just get stuck for a second without the door going up. I got a new N router with an N wireless adapter and no more lag!
  • Yeah I am on a wireless router. When I lag it is usually just for a second or two (which is enough time for me to normally die if it happens at an initial attack on me).

    I will look into this and see what happens when I find a cord long enough to plug it in.

    Thank you for this new suggestion, that will be fantastic if it is wireless lag.
  • So I plug in an ethernet cord and Woohoo! no lag. There was nothing worse than lding the flag going for a snipe on the flag carrier and that little lag would make me miss; i've missed a lot of shots from that stupid lag.

    Thanks for the help from all of you!
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