Tribes 2 Movies

I have a lot of free time on my hands for a while so I decided to do something that would be a fun project that no one has done yet which is to upload most of the Tribes 2 movies that have been made to Youtube. I enjoy watching them and I'm sure of you do, especially players who haven't seen any of them especially the good ones. So I figured a lot of players would rather just be able to watch them then download them, it's just easier. So I am going to start doing this, tonight actually. I have a good collection of them I have saved, but if you have links to some I can get that I might not have, then just email them to me or find me on IRC.

Also, if there are any preferences on a certain movie you'd like to watch sooner; reply here, email me, or find me on IRC and I will try to get those uploaded before any of the others. Of course the credit of each movie will go to the creator in the movie. If there isn't any then I will just put unknown. So start sending me links and I'll start uploading.

IRC channel: #tribes2movies


Youtube channel:

Just trying to do something the community will enjoy.


  • Most of the movies are just a combination of shots, but if I can find any movies that are strictly from arena, I'll be sure to let you know.
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