Mght start server

I got the old ux mod or ultra extreme and an old basterd computer that me and my dad built that is sitting under my desk doing nothing so i thought a new tribes server
would 2 gig ram intel pentium 2 processor xp pro work good and better question would any one play ??


  • You can be sure I would play. The specs needed for any t2 server are very minimal. You will get along fine with a 600MHz cpu and 256mb ram on xp if t2 server was all that was running on it. What is needed is bandwidth. If you want to you can set the packet rate to 18 and the size to 256 and get along fine, but in fast mods like ultra a higher packet rate (say like 32) usualy plays better. Just fire it up and get it set as far as serverprefs, and leave it up for a while. If it doesn't get a ton of players no worries, it was just sitting there doing nothing before it was a server!
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