Someone is losing connection to my server for no reason...

I have a player telling me that he "loses connection" to my server after 1 or 2 minutes every time he connects. This is the only person who has told me this. He has no problems connecting to other servers and playing. My server logs all connections so I have his IP and I have run a Ping from a command prompt several times and have a good ping with no packet loss. I have run traceroute to his IP and only have a timeout on hop 12. One timeout on hop 12 should not be a problem. All the other hops are good even the ones after 12. There is no setting on my server that would kick anyone (i.e. no smurfs etc). Does anyone have any idea why this one player keeps losing connection? I would like to help him but I think it may be on his end. Thanks.


  • my server prefs says
    crctextures = 1
    What does that mean? Will turning it off cause any other problems?
  • Changing it to 0 will turn it off, 1 means it is activated and checks for modified textures in each player's game as they join, it will boot them if it finds any. Apparently your player friend has some "customized" textures. Changing it to 0 should not cause any other problems.
  • I'm the one who asked him about it. The only custom things I have is a custom disc skin for the launcher and the exsplosion I got it from one of the skin sites. I don't know if thats a texture or not?
  • Just a guess, but I used to have that problem with my server a long time ago when I had set $Host::HiVisibility = "1";

    Many maps dont have settings for the HiVisibility mode, which obviously causes those problems.
  • Is there an option to allow just the new launcher skin? I have custom skins enables but that's for the player skin. If I disable crc will that allow people to use custom textures that allow them to see thru walls etc? I would prefer to keep that on. If I add his custom launcher and explosion to my server will it allow him to play without messing with the default explosion? I don't want to mess up the server.
  • The in-game CRC setting is all-or-nothing, and for the most part, it's a setting you want to keep turned off. If you set the server disc launcher and explosion texture to the custom one and kept the CRC setting on, anyone with the stock textures would be booted in the same way.

    Your options are to turn off the setting, or force people to use stock textures.

    If people want to see through walls, changing their textures isn't the way they will go about doing that.
  • Ok. Thanks. I will disable it tonight. I guess if someone really wanted to cheat they could always fake the crc check somehow.
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