> looking for a little mix and match action tonight on the Rage Against the Machine, be an open invite pickup challenge, everyone is invited, et @ 7 EST to Midnight, give or take a few hours and breaks, here and there!

Team Schooled , with tag Phd, will be on inferne side with sub slots open to balance out game and score, not player count consideration only, i.e., 14 vs 12 phd, be balanced, to give us a little extra practice in, as that is our main objective, with raindance, fein and woodymirk, being some of the maps we'll be playing, along with a few others, that can be voted and requested!

These may be a routine event for the next few weeks, so please add the RAGE server to your favorites and stop in, whenever it looks like some action, as may not be posting here each time!

Best to all!

Thanks to Ec Lee and Team Schooled for Sponsoring the events!


  • Expect to see me on...If i have time,my in game name is RonanZero though if you allow smurfs ill be -TBE-Chaingun535
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