[REQUEST]Tribes Next/Tribes 2 Ad Logos

In reference to this post:


There is a demand for Tribes Next/Tribes 2 logos that can be used on various sites to advertise the game and its features.

FIRST, what is legally allowed to advertise the game, considering it's now a free game, yet the tribal logos are still copyright? If the original logos can't be used, what can? When that's cleared up, someone can make the actual advertisement logos ->

SECOND, can anybody make some logos, of various sizes, or even on request, for the game? I'm not sure whether to use Tribes 2 or Tribes Next in the name. Interesting still images, animated images, even flash. (I recommend using some nice landscapes with players, like the original CD cover.)

P.S. As this includes official and even legal matters, I'm assuming it goes in the support forums, and as you can see, it's plenty of questions, some that can only be answered officially. Sorry if it's in the wrong place.


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