Inability to Query Servers

welp, this is an obvious one I'm sure, but I'm feeling absolutely clueless right now.
When I connect to T2, I get through the pinging phase but time out for every server when it gets to querying.

Who's got my answer? :)

ps: hi Turkey/Thyth/etc. :o


  • reinstall tribesnext patch, make sure internet is connected and make sure with a friend all servers are online. Open internet explorer and check.
  • If you have AVG Anti-Virus, reinstall withoutthe Link ScannerNote: Disabling the Link Scanner does notwork, you MUSTreinstall AVGMake sure you have installed patch version RC1e or later.

    Delete all DSOs in your base folder.Make sure your firewall has an exception in place and is not blocking Tribes2

    Ensure that your anti-virus software is notchecking/blocking HTTP connectionsIn AVG this is called "Link Scanner", reinstall without the "feature" to truly disable it.

    If you have a multi-core/cpu machine, set your affinity (instructions)Check that your router is operating properly and that its firewall (if one is built-in) also has an exception in place for Tribes 2Check that you can see the web-listing ( ;D
  • MrDerm, I've seen you do this a few times already: if you're going to help someone with a FAQ entry, link them to the entry instead of copying and pasting the contents of it.

    Chibils, what do you see in the client console (~ key) after trying to refresh the list?
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