What you would truly like in T2(Survey_Non_Official)

This is a thread for possible interest in what T2 really needs. Post your ideas
regarding what you think there should be in T2?
If I can get a handle of understanding computing programming I will try and implement the ideas. I decided on this thread, because T2 is pretty slow we need to make something inventive new exciting to attract players, and not make it severely complicated that people do not want to play it because it makes their "brain hurt". Also on another thought

Thyth if you are reading this please analyse the reality of each idea.

Please Post I would be fascinated in what T2 players actually want.


  • this game is really modifiable it's at like quake level of modability, so that wouldn't be something t2 needs, it's gameplay is pretty awesome, the ai are basic enough so that someone can practice when they first play, so adaptability is then good already, and functionallity is fine except for the occasional unhandled exceptions. Which is why I chose graphics, tribes 2 would be really sexy if it was like on the unreal engine or the latest source engine (except source fails sometimes imo and it wouldn't handle jet packs properly).

    I think what I would truly like in t2 would be more pick-ups, but the age of clan warfare and pickup games are far gone, those good ol days ended in october of 08, there just aren't that many competent people playing anymore, just lots of rambos and shit. if a server admin was still hosting pugs and shit with his ts3 channel up and lots of people would play then it would be awesome.
  • So your suggestion is bring back clan warfare?
  • You left out the modular anticheat system.
  • More functionality?
    - Can be implemented thorugh mods (Which there are a lot out there)
    Better Graphics?
    - Cannot be implemented (Unless ported to another game engine, which would be illegal and against copyright since TribesNext does not own the title)
    - Don't know what you mean for this. How easy it is to pick up and play?
    - It already is highly modifiable. (Mods)
    Better Gameplay
    - Already dead/sometimes broken campaign. Gameplay has to result in online play, which you cannot improve instantly (or through programming)
    Better AI?
    - Lagg-A-Lot. Nuff said.
    If I can get a handle of understanding computing programming I will try and implement the ideas.
    Just reading this made me 100% you can't implement this. (Not to be mean but we've had a lot of people like you try this and it never ends well.)

    Again, if you do want to try, I give you my blessings. :)
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