anyone got a zip file or download link for that mod cause id like to host a ultra sah server


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    Hi. I have a few UltraSaH server files. One of my clanmates made this mod when T2 first came out. I am not sure what version of T2 this mod worked with, its been so many years ago.... Maybe you can find someone that knows how to code it to work with TribesNext. This was my favorite mod and I spent hours and hours with Abirikcham as his tester.
    All that I ask is that he remain credited as the mod developer as {SaH}Abirikcham. {SaH} stands for Strength and Honor. We were an exclusive UltraVX clan up until the mod stopped being coded to work with the game version updates. UltraVX was an awesome mod too.
    Good luck and I hope to see this mod in the server list!
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