NinjaMod Re-Make (NinjaMod-Re) Project [Alpha]

This is the free release of the current progress on the NinjaMod Re-Make (NinjaMod-Re) Project, currently still being re-developed [Alpha]. It's released under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) (Full license -> HERE), so as to promote free development of mods and prevent this mod from being kidnapped by selfish people, or wiped out by ignorance, or simply forgotten. I'll try to update this first post with the latest stuff.

Latest Release: NinjaNEW 14-07-09 BETA

Older Releases: N/A

The greater majority of features have been completed by 4TR3X (formerly _APEX_) and developers of Ninja-X/Ninja-Xr. I and others will try to continue the effort to remake NinjaMod. Credit goes to them, as so far, I've come up with nothing for the mod. Add credit where credit is due.

Anyone that wants to re-develop NinjaMod is free to, but please do keep with just a remake of the original NinjaMod till otherwise decided. From there, tons of mods can be made. Note that a lot of current .cs mods have most of the features missing from NinjaMod at the moment, but I'll try to get permissions, where needed, to use code from the other mods. Note that this is actually not stealing/ripping anything whatsoever, as it's a makeshift remake of a mod that once existed, which was originally come up with (only the problem is that the .cs version of the mod was lost in a hard-drive crash, and the distributed .dso version of the mod is not compatible from the last major Dynamix patch that wiped out most mods).

Mods that may have useful code for NinjaMod: Triumph, Meltdown 2, Shifter (shockfield damage).

The objects still in development are listed in the folders named "new" found in the respective scripts folder. I've also listed things that need fixing in the out-of-order.txt attached, which might not be mentioned elsewhere.


  • Now that I think of it, the license may be too restrictive. Really, all I want is the mod to be preserved and developed as a .cs mod so important data isn't lost again because of hiding the data, and so other people can develop it, and come up with other mods as well. There's no more competition between mods anymore... there's nothing left to compete FOR.

    As long as the .cs data is freely available and modifiable, always giving credit to the right people, I've got no objections, and you can ignore the license.
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