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  • Dude, go play Team Fortress 2. 3 years with 100's of updates. FOR FREE. Or go play any great PC game that let's the community make mods. There should be no reason you have to buy any DLC from the developers.
  • Why play anything else when we have Tribes 2?
  • Why play anything else when we have Tribes 2?

    Have you played Saxton Hale mod for Team Fortress 2?
  • Robert you REALLY gotta play Team Fortress 2.
  • I play TF2 on my off time. It's fun except the game has become a "omg I need to collect more hats!" kinda game. I don't spend any money on that game and don't trade, i just play. If I get a good drop, I get a good drop.
  • The beauty in Team Fortress 2 is how simplistic it is, yet at the same time it's very deep. There's 9 different classes, and each class is different than the others. You need all 9 on a team to work efficiently.

    And it has one of the best game modes ever - Payload. One team pushes a cart along a track. The more teammates next to it, the faster it goes. The other team tries to stop them. There are checkpoints along the way that get you more time if the cart reaches them. Some maps also have new spawn points at certain checkpoints.

    It's just an awesome game, with so many play options, for only $10.00
  • cod has gone way downhill. I still play cod4 sometimes that was the last good game in the series. I agree paying for stats and map packs is an awful idea
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