LAN/Solo error

For some reason, after patching to tribesnext, solo function doesn't work. The game boots up, but after clicking to LAN it gives and 'unhandled exception' error message... is this normal?


  • Ah never mind I just installed tribesnext into the wrong dir, lol, admin plz delete this thread :P
  • Probably won't be deleted, since some person MAY do your steps again, which hopefully they'll stumble upon this thread to fix it. :)
  • In fact it's quite a stunt, considering that the TN patch detects your T2 installation folder automatically :D

    But I realised by now that there IS A PROBLEM, and tribes 2 crashes whenever I try to launch a solo/lan game with no internet connection, but - quite ironically - solo/LAN does not crash whenever I have an internet connection.

    Strange. but considering how easy it is to apply/uninstall TN patch, I think im just going to do some workaround with batch files, so that it would uninstall when going for lan, and install when going for online....
  • Some of the networking related scripts are still active in LAN mode. This has been corrected in the scripts for the next patch.
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