Cannot set up server

I tried to set up a server for me and a friend of mine, who is a novice yet, to give him some ideas about tribes 2. sadly, he could't see the server I set up, and I could't see his either. Is this even possible to just set up a server in tribesnext? (online mode)


  • This is typically either:
    A. A firewall issue (remove blocks on T2)


    B. A router issue (you need to forward ports to the machine T2 is running on)

    You can check the console.log and see if the game is having trouble communicating with the master server.
  • Yes, this is often a networking issue. If you have a router or firewall, it is advisable to open at least port 28000 in the router and/or firewall to the system, using the system name or ip address that is serving the game. Read the router manual. Sometimes it helps to place the server via name or ip address into what is called a dmz option inside the router, a dmz is a address that accepts any traffic to or from it. This often works better than port forwarding, and is less of a hassle to set up than port forwarding, but places the server in the position of not having the protection of the router and firewall. Make sure a firewall is enabled on the server if you run the server in a dmz. And of course you must then open the ports to the game in the os firewall.
  • I indeed have a router, but the another person does not. When he set up a server, I still couldn't see it, for some reason... I thought that when you set up a server, it appears on the Tribes 2 master server list, isn't it? Is there no specific option in the advance settings tab that must be enabled? (pure server or such). By the way, how can I look up my server's IP in game?

    About DMZ: there is an option in the roIuter's menu called "DMZ host IP address". What number should I give it? My computer's IP, my router's IP, or something else?

    Thanks for your help! :D
  • Hi
    If everything is set up as it should be, meaning you are hosting a online dedicated server and all settings are as needed ands the path online is open, it will show up on the master server list.

    About the dmz, you put into the dmz field the ip address or the name if an option of the system that is to be the t2 server. You can get that info from the router or the system itself in the network properties. The router will have a page showing all active lan clients and their names/ip addresses and here you'll have to use your head to figure out wich system is wich if more than one lan client is online. The dmz passes all traffic inbound or outbound from that specific ip address, all ports are open to traffic, so that server system in the dmz should have a software firewall running, either the os firewall or a third party firewall. Also, I have found that some consumer routers have a dmz option that is not really a dmz, meaning most but not all traffic is allowed to pass. I hope you don't have one of those.
  • Wow thank you! The thing is however, that it was not a dedicated server I was intended to start, just a quick game with my friend and a few weak bots, to make some introduction for him to the world of tribes. Just because on Goon Haven he felt like being cannon fodder, you know, that's no place for newbies to learn how to ski lol ;)
  • It's the same requirements for dedicated as well as a listen server. Listen server is where you play the game in the same instance as hosting a server. So the networking aspects remain the same. Keep after it and you'll be teaching your friend just fine.
  • I report that the DMZ thing works just fine :)
  • Well done thou faithfull t2 player.
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