What is the aimbot?

I recently saw a youtube viedo with some mad skills in lancing, but among the comments sy complained about this being an "aibot". What is an aimbot? :o


  • Ok, THAT just made me more curious about it :P ;D
  • oh man the double :picard:
  • Can't tell if you're serious or not. Aimbots are hacks that automatically aim for you. A lot of FPS have these. It moves your crosshairs to an enemy's head so you can get easy headshots.
  • Damn, now I understand how I get headshots from laser rifles while in midair! Dont tell me that most MA disc hits are from aimbots too... but wait, in T2 you have inertia for projectiles, so I guess aimbot wont help for that... hm, so in t2 you can use aimbot for laser rifles or missilelaunchers... :P
    well, the only situation I would like to use an aimbot, is when Im tailgunner, a shrike locks on to us, and pilot starts to pull at the wheel so that I just cant get a clear shot&all the effort we put into that bomber goes in wain...
    but now seriously, there is a way to stop aimbotters right?
    ...or I wanna get one too, lol, just kiddin... :P
  • Usually "aim botters" are people that have dedicated way too much of their lives to playing Tribes.

    They're better than aim bots.

    You don't need or want one (since we'll ban you when we catch you). If you think you've found someone with one, you can post the demo for review.
  • I saw a guy last night on GH who had a name like "@_AutoAim_@" or something like that... Suspicious, isn't it? :P
  • Alt plus f4 activates the built in t2 aimbot.
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