Bomber crew ideas

Last night I was thinking about tribes 2... bombing, to be precise. :) And I had an idea about chasing shrikes, the turret guy and the tailgunner:
what would be if the turret guy - in order to help the tailgunner - would use the targeting laser on the incoming shrike... am I right that you can fire an immediate rocket on things targeted by the laser? Then it could be some great help for the tailgunner, or couldn't it?

just wondering... ::)


  • Ok, I tried it... I must admit I have rarely been in the belly turret before, cuz I thought its a lazy thing, you just wait to the right moment, then bomb, and then you will get huge scores for the kills.
    Ah, its not that easy, and pinpointing is pretty damn hard. It can also mislead the tailgunner, who will fire his missiles in vain.
    Maybe, if the pilot would try to fly the thing a little bit more straight... anyway, it doesn't seem to be that great idea now.
    Fortunately, I have another good idea... :P which I will post at the tactics thread.
  • The targeting laser in the bomber can be used just like when a scout goes into the enemy territory and 'paints' a target for mortar lazing.
  • Now that's not entirely true. The belly turret laser is a quite unique tool in the sense that the target it paints remains as long as the bomber is present on the map:
    -its like a virtual beacon that can be placed anywhere on the map
    -its marker can be seen by the entire team
    -it can be destroyed only with the destruction of the TSW that painted it,
    -and, the sad thing I had to find out: just like the beacons, it cannot paint any enemy vehicle or warrior. If you try to do that, it will only paint the surface behind them. It can paint base assets, though.

    So, its not like the ordinary pointing laser that everyone has in his pocket, no.
    In fact, if the bombardier is quick enough, it can paint a target even without drawing the distinctive green light, thus avoiding attention.
  • K don't want sound like a douche, but you've never actually bombed before and thought that bombardiers were only there to shoehorn kills? Also even if you could shoot missiles immediately with the tail gunner using a rocket launcher, you have to keep it steady so that it locks on, and on top of the the bomber usually has to fly up and down so that it is a harder target to hit from the shrike.
  • in bones mod we had bombers with a turret for a tail gunner with different guns for the person in the bomber seat. It was a lot of fun for dogfighting.
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