TribesNext Server Status for Site

Would love to be able to do two things:

- Show the server list on the site
- Show one server on the site separately

Gametracker isn't interested.

Do any exist now? Haven't found anything so far.



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    My webpage showing servers has been on auto pilot and just noticed that it hasn't updated since 10 May 2012. Did the master server list of servers move to another web addy?

    Disregard, figured it out. Server updated PHP and my code needed updating. ::)
  • HEY! Remember when this was posted five and a half years ago?

    Is there an API for this?
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    The master server list can be found at This will only provide you with a list of IP:Port pairs, and you will need to use a library (something like GameQ) that's capable of "talking" to the individual T2 servers to fetch the information you are interested in.

    Alternatively, if you're too lazy to write your own full-scale could always figure out how the server list on this site is retrieved by examining the site source. :)
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