Lucid Mod

Hey people, i just found out people are still playing tribes 2? kind of crazy, i might get back into it if i get the time but for now i found something on one of my old web site backups on a old hard drive. Its the last known release of my Lucid Mod (Beta) v0.75. it was with the full mod info site. If there is any demand for it i might put the info site back online. I bet i even have the source code somewhere, but for right now i hope this last version release still works. I have no idea what changes to the core code of the game may have occurred after my departure from Tribes 2.

You can download the zip file here:

There is no documentation for installation or otherwise ATM other then what is included in this zip file. If requested i might be able to find some other materials related to this MOD. It has an extensive server reconfiguration with a client system that will transmit client files from server to client without the need of a client side mod. I do not have any of the original client side mod files, but they should not be needed with this version. The game may however prompt you to download a music pack at a web site that no longer exists but can be manually downloaded here:

I hope this works and someone gets some enjoyment out of it. I put A LOT of time into this thing so if anyone appreciates this or has any questions let me know.


  • Did it even work? I was wondering if it held up to the test of time and patching since i left.
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