most of weapon effects dont work anymore

hi, as the topic says. so far only one effects does its thing, which is this "zCG_Blue.vl2" icy looking chaingun fire. none of the disc, mortar explosions or trails seem to work with me. terrain skins also refuse to show themselves ingame. armor skins work fine. any clues?

edit: and i of course mean custom effects and skins.


  • I've noticed that graphics changes aren't quite being pulled into the game correctly in their .vl2 form. But, if you open the .vl2 files with something like WinRAR, you can extract the folder within right to the GameData/base/ folder and it'll suddenly work fine.
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    i tried just that with the mortars, but didnt do any difference. now that you said it though i must just have to try again..

    and yeah. it works now. screwed up somewhere when extracting vl2 files before.
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    I replaced the mortar smoke with a blue-green texture, but it seems only mortar turrets got modified, since player-fired mortars are still the same color as always.
    It might be possible that player-fired mortars use a slightly different naming scheme than turrets, but then maybe not. I'd say keep experimenting and maybe look into the engine's main resource files to see if the replacements aren't named quite correctly.

    [Edit] Only now do I realize I was confusing my two boxen, as the laptop did not have graphics replacements put on. Mortar replacements will affect turrets and player-fired.
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