Looking for Meltdown2 v1490 Files

Hey all. I'm trying to get a hold of the old v1490 Meltdown2 files with no success. keen had them on his site but when you download and unpack it, it's just the base game files in a Meltdown2 folder... very frustrating. Anyone have them?


  • I'm sure that's a problem on your end. Make sure to delete all .cs.dso files in your /gamedata/ folder. Then install the mod, and then launch the tribes2.exe executable with the correct command line arguments (-online -mod Meltdown2)

    Usually when you try and launch a mod and it only runs base usually means that Tribes 2 is picking up already compiled game files...and not the mod
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    Hmm, well I'd love to be able to defend myself but I just went to the MD2 wiki and downloaded it again, sure enough, they're there now. I must've been mistaken.
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