Download these & See me like you should! (HD Bot Skins)

edited December 2011 in Mods and Customization
please download and put those files in your skins folder so you can see my skin! here it skinz...other bot skins wont work this one is HD other ones arent! also dont rename them or else you cant see me in them keep them as bot2

NOTE THAT MY IN GAME NAME IS Ronan Zero whats yours? see you on goon haven






UPDATE 12/7/2011 Now has storm bot skins in HD! Please redownload


  • Done! thx!
  • ok bro, here are some suggestions:

    make a zip file containing the following folder path within it:

    in "skins" put your skin files.

    please give them a unique name, like RZ0bot2.mmale.png

    make that into a zip file.

    rename the file to RZ0bots.vl2

    The reason:
    I and others dont want to replace my default skins with any other skin even though yours are nice :-) no offense! Also, .vl2 is a nice clean way to avoid hassling people with opening up the zip file, creating a skins directory, dragging the files over there etc etc.
    Also, associate your compression program with the extension .vl2 for your convenience.

    please make all updates to this by simply adding your skins to "skins" in the vl2 file, but not replacing them with newer ones this is not always the best way, but in my case it has made it so that skin updates mesh together and allow people to have different versions, but all working between them.

  • i did not understand how i can update the file without a new link unless i use SVN which is a pain to get a respritory people can download i do though have tortise svn...i can put them in a VL2 file but i cant do that other crap :D and ill name them RZ0Bots in the next update
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