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    I edited the ServerPrefs.cs
    I started the Server using the BAT file from Classic which runs "start ispawn.exe 28000 Tribes2.exe -dedicated -mod Classic"
    Now when I try to connect it tells me I need a Tribesnext client and to go to Tribesnext to get it. I installed this from the files I got at Tribesnext. I am not trying to start a server for public use, just a small LAN one for my sons to play each other on. What am I missing? I have searched (using windows search) for any references to Tribesnext in the .cs files. It came back empty. I am running Windows XP SP3.
    It does show up in the server listings for LAN games.
  • On top of the T2 installation you got here, you need to download and run the TribesNext patch which is also available from the downloads page.
  • Yeah I installed that patch. Without it we were unable to play online. That is the TribesNext_rc2a.exe right? Do I also need to run the TribesNext_rc1a.exe?
  • That is the TribesNext_rc2a.exe right? Do I also need to run the TribesNext_rc1a.exe?
    The RC2 patch is all you need (until RC3 comes out, of course!) :)

    To run it as a LAN only server, use the "-nologin" flag in the server shortcut.

    Also, windows search pretty much fails in regards to .cs files, unless you tweak settings (if I remember correctly), and the TribesNext files are packaged into the T2CSRI.vl2 file in your base folder.
  • -nologin did it. Now it works fine except for the bots. I need to look on the forum for the line to have bots on. I have them set to medium for the kids. Just need to find the line to start them. I remember reading it somewhere here :)

    Thank you for your quick and helpful response.
  • Anyone need help setting up multiple mods with Tricon 2? I've got several working... Duel, Arena, Version 2 and Shifter.
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    Okay, I'm trying to get my old ACCM server up (Can't wait to explore the code of 1.4) but its not working as well as it should. It disapears off the list for some odd reason and the message thats weird on the consol is Heartbeat failed, check ipconfig or something like that, I just hosted again and got someone to join a min after it started and its running well for now, heartbeats arn't failing. Its weird though...

    EDIT: Error is as follows:
    -- Sent heartbeat to TN Master. .>) I have done everything I can to get the ports working, my antivirus included. Idk whats wrong. I'm running Windows 7 ultimate with F-Secure.

    EDITEDIT: Okay, so it seens to fix as long as I'm logged in any server on
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