Monster Energy Skin made by me - since I started playing T2 again!

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It's easy to tell, I ride a supermotard for a long time and I love the color scheme of the Monster Energy Black and green colors. And yes, my motard is in black and green and so is my helmet & body equipment.

After I got the beta key on T:A and pretty much left disappointed with it, I remember how fun it was to play tribes about 8 years ago when I was still a very young kid, I was never skilled enough to land out mid-air shots all the time, but still it was truly a hell lot of fun.

So now I started playing again, I made some skins back in the days but they were pretty crap that no one would use or download just to see it.. (LOL i know i feel sad..) But now I'm better at using photoshop and took me quite a while to create this skin I'm going to use for the rest of my gaming experience in T2 :D

No more naggin', check it out! If you like it, feel free to use it! If you think it's cool, then please download it and you might see me playing a terrible heavy jug in Goon Haven's :D

(yeah i forgot i went to this new years eve party and i passed out when it was 10 o'clock.. sorry about the date its suppose to be 2012 LOL)

ps. I got the skull face from a skin named "GCflames" that was created by a player a very while back, it is the sexiest faces I've seen and I been using that skin for AGES. So yeah, creds to him for sex facial emotions! I also put on all the brand names on it that I use in real life, there's more I could add into but not enough room on them skins, so yeah, hope you like those brands as well :D

Download -

Simply put this in your: C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\base - and it'll be in your T2 just like that :)

Thanks for checking out, hope you actually think it's pretty neat cause I think it's a badass production by me XD
Tribes will rock on forever!
Have a good one, peace!


  • Not bad, makes me want to make a model and skin. I guess I should go looking for a T2 tutorial for 3ds Max on modeling/rigging the skins.
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