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I have been using Avira for 2 years and now its telling my TR/Offend.6991509' was found in file C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\Tribes2.exe' . I keep trying to delete and reinstall the patch But I guess I'm going to need to reinstall the game as well :(


  • Please send the file to avira so they can examine it. They will determine it as a fals positive or malware.
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    I believe this is happening because of the way the TribesNext patch is loaded. When TribesNext is loaded, it is loaded from a .dll that has been injected into Tribes2.exe which is what a lot of viruses do to .exe files. This is a false positive. (But, still be careful!)

    EDIT: Found Thyth's post about it:
    The TribesNext patcher adds a new executable section (containing code to load the TribesNext DLL) and jumps to it when T2 starts, which is vaguely similar to how viruses used to infect executables.

    LouCypher implemented a different loader that replaces the Immersion Force Feedback DLL, and initiates TribesNext that way. It's something I'm planning on implementing in a future version of the TribesNext patch. You can try using LouCypher's replacement IFC22.DLL with the original (unpatched) Tribes 2 executable. Download from:

    By the way, if you use the IFC22.DLL method, you need to enable the "Force Feedback" option inside Settings -> Game for it to actually work.
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