Host and Play on the same server?

I realize there is nothing wrong if you host a game directly in tribes 2. However, I was interested in hosting and playing on a tribes 2 server running the Renegades mod on the same computer. Everything works flawlessly up to seeing it on the server list. The problem is connecting to it. I have tried connecting to localhost:, by lan IP, and by WAN router ip with port forwarding enabled. I always either get: your client requires tribesnext (which is already installed), or something about rejected: replay attack attempt or something like that.

- Tried INSERT key for manual connection.
- Tried target directives: nologin nonpure connect [ip address] etc

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking my problem may be that outgoing and ingoing are both routed through 28000 and maybe that's causing a conflict?? It seems the error is preventing something catastrophic from happening to the computer.

[Edit:] I should add that Renegades using it's own separate EXE installed into the GameData folder. So Tribes doesn't have to be open to host. I've had people connect to my server, I just couldn't connect on the same box.


  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    The LAN IP would permit connection, even when running on the same system. Localhost/loopback are not supported, though it would not be particularly complicated to enable support for this. This is part of a credential anti-replay system, which specifically takes into account support for standard LAN IP ranges, but does not take into account loopback.

    If you're using a different Tribes2 executable than the one generated by the TribesNext installer, the system won't work.
  • You can host this dedicated server on any machine with even reasonable hardware, and expect flawless use for up to 32 players, unless using a lot of bots. As far as reaching a LAN server that is dedicated, try direct connecting to your IP address your ISP gives you. Your router should be able to display this information. It may be required to RTFM for the router, or call your ISP, and request this information, because you "have to VPN to work for a day, and they want your IP address", or somesuch. Since hosting any type of server is against most Terms Of Service contracts ISPs use, it might be a bad idea to mention it is for a server.

    Once you have the external address, the only limiting factor is whether your router will allow traffic it sees coming from LAN to return to LAN. On Linksys routers, you find the setting that disables NAT redirection, and leave it unchecked. You may also need to disable the router's firewall, but i've not tested that, and don't recommend such unless you are running software (i.e. windows/zone alarm/ghostwall) firewalls on all of your PCs.

    There was a time when I ran 128 fully routable ip addresses wide open, with no firewalling. That was ten years ago, and that time has long passed when one could trust that a fully patched machine could be exposed and not get beat to death with attack attempts.
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