TDX null chat menu

so i installed tracerdx on my computer but there are two places in the menus to edit the chat menu binds one is on the warrior setup (the one i want to use)
the other one is under settings game area and its the one the game is using how do i get the game to use the tracer vs the one in settings game?


  • im trying to get Osiris to work in TracerECM but it does not show up in the voice pack section of tracer any tips?
    i try tracer ecm because its newer but it seems to cause more trouble then the old one
  • My best guess is that you didn't put the voice pack in the right place. I don't use them so I really cannot provide support per say, but search the forum or see if there is a readme somewhere. THose will be good places to start.
  • i been searching fourms for 3 days now with no luck lol and most up todate stuff i can find is 2009
  • So, just to get this straight. What is the ACTUAL problem you are having?
    Is it TracerECM, or Osiris? Which one is installed correctly?

    I'll try and help you the best I can, but I need more specifics.
  • Moved to Mods and Customization. This is outside of the scope of support for the TribesNext patch and game related issues.
  • im trying to get osiris to work in tracer ecm i can only get 1 to work at a time
    and tracer ecm is sup to let voice packs work but they never show up
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