What system do you game on?

This thread is a comparison of game systems. We might get an idea of what parts combinations work, as to what may be problematical. I'll start with my system:

e8500 c2d cpu
EC35DG mobo/onboard lan
2gb ddr2
8800GTS oc'd/180.48WHQL driver, no legacy code (6800 to 7900 class card) in this driver
SBLive pci sound
Server2003 os
21in CRT/thrown in since i know a lot of u guys run lcds at huge fps-crippling resolutions

Runs everything I throw at it. I game at 1024x768, 16x AF, 2xAA. Rarely ever ues, and if it does, it was likely caused by me using the windows key and changing something. Tribes1, however, still locks up as much as ever.
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