Just a few little but IMPORTANT facts that can make life much easier in tribes 2.

I: Deploy LANDSPIKE turrets on the flattest surface possible, OTHERWISE they will NOT HIT A DAMN THING.
Hojou42 actually made a video about it, standing in front of wrongly placed turrets that are failing to hit him:
btw here is Hojou's guide on placing turrets:

II. In the annoying case if an enemy steals the Jericho, DONT GO CRAZY SHOOTING AT the vehicle, grab your CHAINGUN, and facing the vehicle's front side aim slightly above the enemy driver's head. You will be able to kill him in his seat. The same goes for the Bomber and the Tank: a tailgunner can kill an enemy in the pilot/bomber seat using the same method.

III. Once you updated the Jericho turret with plasma/AA turret barrel, it will be remembered. So if you are planning to go for a trip in a Jericho, FIRST OF ALL UPGRADE the turret to plasma. In the annoying event if someone attacks you, you can just jump out of the vehicle and after a few moments the enemy will have to face a plasma turret.

IV. There actually is a teleport station at every vehicle pad. It is a small circle near the vPad ramp and it teleports you immediately near the deployed Jericho. Use it sometimes, it can be fun.


  • Right on about the Tail-Gunner. I did that this morning. :) Death to bomber thieves!!
    I did not know about the turret thing, though, and it explains alot. Thanks!
  • Yo thanks bro! I enjoy seeing your name in game, now! :)
  • Depending on the server, I'd suggest using a "Sensor Jaming Pack" while on the back of a bomber.
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