Multiple servers on the same box

I am trying to run multiple servers on the same box, 1st server runs fine, but 2nd server loads without error but does not show up in the server list and i'm pretty sure its reading the configs from the 1st server's folder, so my question is, is there a way to have a tribes instance bind to only a certain IP ? (my server has multiple IPs) and is there a command line switch for specifying a specific config path ?


  • I believe the Torque engine has no way to specify which interface to bind to. But it does allow you to specify an alternate port, and this is the normal way to run multiple servers on one host.

    I don't know if the Windows code searches two directory trees for its files. The Linux code first searches the ~/.loki directories and then looks in the system directories for files, so one could put common read-only stuff in the system directories and then put only the config files and custom per-server map packs in a user home directory assigned to each server instance.

    However, given the low price of disk space, it's probably easy these days just to make a full copy of the installation for each server instance. I recommend marking all files read-only except those that must be writable to carry state from one invocation to the next. That way you know no files are getting corrupted over time. (This is why under Linux I have root own everything except the per-server files.) This saves having to re-install when stuff isn't working right. Use the runas command to run your server as someone other than Administrator, so it can't change the read-only entries. And don't put any of this under "Program Files", because writing there requires at least Power User group privileges. (I never install games under the PF tree.)
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    Add "-serverprefs prefs/myServerPrefs.cs" to the command-line launch parameters (obviously replace prefs/myServerPrefs with whatever file you're using).
    And most people switch ports for multi-server setups.
  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps
    You can bind the server to a specific address by setting $Host::BindAddress in prefs/serverprefs.cs if you want them to use seperate IP addresses.
    If you want them to use the same (default) address, you'll just need to set them to run on different ports ($Host::Port in the same file). If you run the servers with ispawn and use this method, make sure to change the port it tries to contact in the shortcut as well.
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