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I've gotten a few requests now about TeamViewer sessions to attempt to fix things. I am willing to do it in any case as long as:

A. You've provided adequate information towards any technical issues you've obtained
B. You've checked / searched for any previous issues that provide a fix, or have attempted to contact anyone who has claimed to fix it.
C. You've attempted the provided steps to the letter and have not done any preference related changes yet.
D. You've attempted to get in contact with me to put the server up publicly to attempt fixing
E. You've contemplated whether hosting a server is worth it.
F. You've attempted contacting other experts (as I'm still fairly new)
G. You've verified mod compatibility, Tribes Version compatibility, Tribes installation integrity, and network configuration, network integrity.

In most cases, the issue(s) are fixed before or at step D. No issues can be guaranteed to be fixed as Tribes is a rather aged, yet still fun game.

EDIT: In most cases, I will try and keep a log of everything I do in a general description so "repeat" TeamViewer sessions won't necessarily need to occur.
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