Advanced Combat Construction Mod

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Advanced Combat Construction Mod is a variant of Construction mod designed for combat, best known for it's zombies. Advanced Combat Construction Mod is a continuation of Combat Construction Mod that started after Dondelium_X, FalconBlade, and Ur_a_dumb with M.I.A. While Combat Construction Mod is a good mod, it was lacking in some areas and had a few annoying bugs. ACCM aims to fill up these empty spots and make CCM more user-friendly.

Unlike regular Tribes 2, in ACCM, there is no jetting and the weapons are a bit more like real weapons. Combat Construction Mod was more aimed at PvP (player versus player) battle, while ACCM seems to be more aimed at PvZ (player versus zombie) battle.

Our server is hosted on TribesNext and is called "ACCM Server" (we're thinking of changing the name :P). The IP is Hosting generously provided by DudeBot

Current Developers
Blnukem (Lead)
Eolk (Co-Lead)
Dark Dragon DX

Former Developers
Alviss (Former AI Specialist)
Also, thanks to all who helped provide ideas and testing! :)

Downloads and Links File hosting generously provided by Krash (forums) (some screenshots)


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