SCP is an absolute garbage server. We need a new server up. One where you are actually allowed to be better than someone without them getting all butt-hurt, making themselves an admin, and kicking you off the server (John McLane, Sammy Hagar, and Sylock). It seems like every time I snipe one of them (and no, I don't use any cheats or mods) they get all pissy and decide to kick me. I'm just waiting for the day one of them decides to ban me for good. rJay, if you read this, I'm sorry for you bro. God speed on the server you're working on.


  • Oh. I read the other one first. Yeah, what I did on SCP was stupid, but it shouldn't have constituted a ban. The going story was that I stole Moniker's account. I've since talked to Mon, and we're all good. Apparently what I did offended the SAs more than him.

    What I REALLY did:

    Moniker had a tag appended to his name. For example: [tag] Moniker.
    What *I* did was create an actual TribesNext account called '[tag] Moniker', and then I joined the server. Of course at first, it appeared that I hacked his account, as it confused the server and he was called Moniker.1. But anyone with brains could have pressed escape and seen that my name was a full name. That my 'tag' was part of the name of the account. I was just playing around, and other people on the server loled. Moniker thought I hacked his account, I was swiftly banned, and even though Moniker's dropped the charges, I'm still banned.

    Sami-FIN said Heat's still telling people I hacked Moniker's account, so obviously they want me to have done something wrong.

  • Yeah, if Heat (John McLane) is even on SCP, I wont even bother trying to play because as soon as I join I get kicked without being able to ask why. I was able to get back on last night after Heat left and I asked around to see why I kept getting kicked. It seems that Heat is claiming that I am using hm2, which I'm not. I don't even know how to get hm2, but I can't even explain myself because he won't even give me the chance. I'm not complaining or anything. I'm just getting tired of it, you know?
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