The Trash of SCP

This server is going downhill fast. I can't seem to even get on anymore without some "Super Admin" kicking me for absolutely no reason whatsoever (John McLane, Sammy Hagar, and Sylock). Any advice on how to combat this? I'm tired of not being able to play just because one person gets their panties in a wad just because I snipe them.


  • I feel ya brother. There isn't a way to combat it that I know of. Any attempts to is met with a ban, even if the accusations are false.
  • Alright, let me just say first of all that I want no part in this "apparent" server war that is being created here, but I just want to share my thoughts and opinions here.

    So, first thing's first, whenever you play in a server, you need to realize that you are indeed, in someone's server. How they decide to run the server or the rules set forth are theirs to decide. If you don't like how things are being run there, or disagree with it, just play somewhere else, you don't need to come on to these forums and complain about the server, nothing is going to be done about it except making yourself look overly childish about it.

    Now, I know that TN is not full of people in all of the servers, and that's just a popularity issue, and maybe people just enjoy playing in SCP, because it was popular before any other server came out, but if you really want to have a server, just host one yourself, it's not a hard thing to do, and pretty much any decent computer is capable of running a T2 dedicated server, getting players in the server is just a manner of finding a gamemode/map combination that people want to play in. Heck, even give modding a spin if you feel up to learning a bit of computer programming, it's really easy and fun to creating something new and fun for people to play around with.

    So, pretty much all I've got to say here is just please stop with these threads. It's pointless and will likely just disappoint the TN admins here that they'll need to control another rant thread, just get over it and make your own server to play in.
  • These "discussions" of the SCP server are not going to solve any issues with the managing of the server.
    If you feel you have been wronged you should try (calmly) explaining your issue & discussing with the management staff.
    If you feel you could do better at managing a server you could always host your own.

    Either way a public forum is not the proper way to address topics like these, and these particular forums are not associated with the server.
    Topic locked.
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