Tribes 2 - Yard Sale!!!

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Here's some silly stuff in tribes 2, returning 1000 flags in base and mayhem in meltdown 2 hunters. This was recorded on MetaDrax's 64 bot server.


  • Ah yes, Hunters... Still my all time favorite game mode in Tribes 2. I almost exclusively run this game mode only when I host the Powers Mod server.

    Here's a picture I took when I captured 1100+ flags on Talus. I was able to hold onto these flags for quite some time trying to dodge what seemed all 16 bots in the server who wanted me dead, lol...
    • mein!.png
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    It's amazing score.
    I wonder at what time You captured them ?
  • I don't really remember how long it took us to capture the flags but it since there were sooo many bots it made the gathering faster.

    And I played Powers Mod, it's a really nice mod and it does seem like it was made to play hunters with bots and level up. Cool mod.
  • I returned over 18,000 flags on Powers a few months back. The score I got was listed similar to: 45e+208
  • 18k flags... must had taken you a lot to gather them all, and the tension of not dropping them is also pretty high
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