EU duel/arena server up, one issue

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Ok so I got my server up and running, hosted by Branzone, server location is London. Running EVO1.2.3b.

The problem I have now, as far as I can tell the ONLY problem as well, is that the pings are far too high ingame to not be caused by an issue.
Tracert to server indicated 60ish ping which makes me think that 60-70 is to be expected with T2's archaic netcode.

However, ping is very unstable, often reaching 130, and not going below 70. My own connection is good and tracert confirms that ping SHOULD be stable.

Are there some server prefs or EVO prefs that can impact ping? And in that case, which are the most common fixes?


  • Far as I know the max net settings for t2 are 32 packets per second and 450 for size of packet.
    That provides for the lowest latency the game can deliver.
    Have you watched tracert to see where the latency stems from?
    It may not be at the server.
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    It seems to be stemming from my ISP but that makes no sense. Other games hosted in London run extremely smoothly. Just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding anything I will paste what tracert gives me:

    1 6 ms 58 ms 62 ms my IP
    2 37 ms 59 ms 45 ms []
    3 55 ms 89 ms 63 ms []

    4 102 ms 59 ms 63 ms []
    5 72 ms 88 ms 63 ms []

    6 112 ms 57 ms 59 ms []

    7 94 ms 64 ms 61 ms []
    8 100 ms 63 ms 59 ms []
    9 58 ms 60 ms 61 ms []
    10 58 ms 59 ms 63 ms []

    May changing server location help?
  • One thing you may try (especially if the server is running on a recent Intel or AMD multi-core CPU) is lock the process to one core (or switch from RDTSC to HPET timing mode in the game). If the timestamps differ between execution units on the server, the simulation will jitter as the process is scheduled across different CPUs/cores.

    See: for instructions.
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