Classic Maps V3 Pack

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After much work that took forever (IDK, well over a year at least) due to trial and error, being a noob, and generally being very busy, I bring you a (somewhat possibly buggy) Classic Maps V3.

  • Bot support on almost all maps (bots even place items, etc -- some maps, the bots don't want to work properly, sorry)
  • Slight map changes on most maps (and I mean very slight, such as increased or reduced cap limits, fixed organics, etc)
  • Unbanned vehicles on all maps..........because awesome.
  • Other slight changes and tweeks

I mainly spent time on the bot support, however, some of the nef maps didn't support properly, and I haven't taken the time to contact an advanced botter about it, so here it is with the mistake maps.

Happy LANing.

You can use this on any server, I hold no rights, the map designs etc all go to the original map makers, blah blah, free to play, whatever.



Contact and Links:
Contact me with issues that are major (besides the major ones I already named :D):
LINK THAT WILL NEVER GO DOWN EVER (just in case you're reading this 5 years from now):

Installation Instructions:

Place the downloaded .vl2 file into your dynamix/tribes2/gamedata/base folder. After installation, you should remove or delete the old Classic pack. I would recommend copying it to another folder as a back-up before you delete it.


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