Looking for LWT Missions

Team lonewolf tried making a single player campaign for tribes 2, and got two and a half missions done.
Mission one also got touched up by jimsomighty after the fact. Mission3, the terrain got completed, base done, but unfortunately the scripting never was finished, which is a damned shame since it is an insanely detailed base (given this is tribes 2 we're talking about.)

Anyone have these? Tribal outpost 404s on attempts to grab, and when I revisited the thread mission 3 was posted to, gone.
As an aside, since I'm already talking maps, is there a way to convert t2 assets to run on other things? I mean porting to source engine (not my preference, but something in garysmod would be amusing,) tribes vengeance/ut2k4, or something else?
I'd emailed one of LWT's members, but it's a hotmail address so I don't think much luck will be had.

Be interesting to set it up for proper spawnspheres as a rabbit map. Too big/complicated for deathmatch, but Rabbit seems interesting.


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