using tribes 1.40 Assets doable?

I've noticed the leaked version of the tribes 1 update uses .DTS shapes that use PNG skins. There is also a /lot/ of converted material to work with it both from vengeance and ascend. I was simply wondering if people smarter than me on the matter could say if scripts could tell me how hard it would be to make this stuff work. I mean sure it looks to be in the same formats tribes 2 uses, and the 1.40 edition of tribes 2 seems to offer far nicer resolutions, which get used by the conversion models. However... Just this nagging feeling it could all bite me in the ass. If these things can be ported over to tribes 2 fairly painlessly it would be interesting material, especially the weapons.

Hell, I'm not sure tribes 1 uses the same scaling for objects. So again, pretty sure this will bite me in the ass.

Relavent link to files I'm referencing:


  • Yeah no one uses t1 skins in t2. The idea is to have better graphics, not worse, but hey if you want 1998 grafix..... Most ports are t2 to t1, tv to t1, and ta to t1. Few of them work better than the original t1 textures for various reasons but people stil use them. Also there were t2 skin to t1 ports before 1.40.
  • I am not interested I the vanipla assets. I am interested in the higher resolution variants, plus the tribes ascend assets made to run on 1.40 since they look pretty decently detailed.
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