Tribes 2 Demo Clip Archive 004: TAC2 Fight Night -- 1/17/2015

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This is a demo that I recorded on January 17th, 2015. A demo recording isn't a screen recording, but rather a replay of the game as it happened, so there may be errors and things that slightly differ from the original gameplay.

I was playing the Tribes 2 mod Team Aerial Combat 2, and me and a bunch of other guys meet once a week on Friday nights at 10 PM et for a night of fun and action. I started Tribes 2 in 2011, but most of these guys have been around since 2001.

Join in:

How to play with us:

First you'll need Tribes 2. It no longer works from the disc; download the current version and patch from and install it.

Next, you'll need to download the TAC2 mod at

Run the game via the provided TAC2 shortcut, and join the server named D/L mod @

Thanks for watching!


  • Nice work rJay, here's a video of me playing SCP game recording using shadowplay.

    Gonna work on an Arena video, hopefully attract some newbloods . :)
  • Thank you, subbed.
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