Looking for a very specific custom texture...

Several years back I had in my possession a texture for the mortar smoke effect which I had grabbed off of TribalOutpost, before it became the most useless website on the Internet. The name of the creator (or at least uploader) was ^wargod. At some point I lost this texture (among others, but those I have found since) when my hard drive failed and couldn't find it again on TribalOutpost for the life of me, and STILL can't find it to this day. I don't recall exactly what name it was given, it was most likely some vague name like 'blue green'. Without screenshots or any kind of information whatsoever on TribalOutpost it is impossible to find on there. I have even gone as far as downloading almost every single effect texture by ^wargod in the hopes of stumbling across it, to no avail.

If anyone has this exact texture and can upload it for me - or can at least point me in the direction of a custom mortar smoke texture that doesn't suck - I would be immensely grateful.

The exact name of the texture file is bigSmoke.png.
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