Support Midair on Steam Greenlight!

Midair, the FPSZ currently being developed by Archetype Studios, has just launched a Steam Greenlight campaign, and the trailer looks awesome! Go help them get their game on Steam!!!


  • bump

    Definetly give it a vote at least, the vote is free and the game will be too (!)

    When I saw the hills they remind me of T2 so much.

    Actually the game is indeed a remake of T2 and also t1, but they just cant say it because they dont own the copyrights. So they changed the title and the art style, but the gameplay is supposed to be as close to the real tribes as possible.

    Thats why they do it. So please give it a "yes" vote in steam greenlight.
  • heh, you don't have to pretend you are a tribes 2 player since you are clearly just marketing for it, nothing wrong with it since it looks cool and all and it's tribes related, but the way you worded your posts sounds... market-ish
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