why does it say variant when i host base?

wondering why when i run mod base it comes up as variant in the server browser. i have not edited any files and i am not running any extra anything.


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    It's supposed to say variant. It's how it's always been. ::)
  • Well, it's been that way since the patch that included classic mod. The patch changed something, maybe the added maps? I can't recall what the change was that caused BASE servers to default to variant. It's pretty much assumed among the veterans, however, that variant servers are base.
  • ahh, ok , one less problem then.. just to find out why it stutters now then ( in other thread )
  • I think it only says Base if you have pure server enabled.
  • Base and no scripts would likely qualify a server as base and not variant.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Since the TN scripts are required to host now, a base server will always be "variant", and I think that running a Pure server isn't possible anymore.
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