What happened to Tribes 2 offline gameplay???

Why doesn't Tribes 2 offline work? Am I going to immediately jump on to the next best thing?... mind you, it never quite actually came... and still waiting (in 2016). Of course while skiing in Tribes 2 you may hit the occasional bump in the road that can throw off your entire route but that is just par for the course. You learn to react and counter if the need arose. You make different route selections while your skiing improves over time. If it were smooth sailing all across the board, you'd be duking it out on a Virtual Fantasy Island. You might as well throw in some auto aim features where one could just sit back and enjoy the brilliant eye candy with the latest super duper graphics card.
No other game, to my knowledge, has even reached Tribes 2's complexity but they are slowly and surely getting close. What we now have left is... there once was a game called Tribes 2 that you could do this and do that. You could even view this from there while firing that. Wouldn't it be better that I played Tribes 2 offline so I could find out what the hype is all about while at the same time improving my skills within the game. Or... would it be better to completely bypass this genre of gameplay that was started by T2 and find a game to get blown away with that false sense of satisfaction, eye candied bullshit they are spitting out nowadays. If I wanted to play a game in Lego Land I would have... gawdamnit people... TORQUE! TORQUE! gawdamnit!
Recently I finally got my hands on Borderlands 2. Don't get me wrong... its' a fun game. It just lacks jet packs and the ability to ski... if it had these... T2 would be as forgotten as 8 track tapes. Unfortunately, Borderlands 2 do not... leaving me grounded and miserable. I find that I would rather be playing the offline version of T2 (don't have internet access).
In addition, if I were given someone else's rendition of what a Tribes 2 successor should be and it isn't up to snuff... it's immediately deleted from my machine. There is a die-hard Tribes 2 fan base who are extremely judgemental and rightfully so!!! I will stay onboard T2 to build up the base... cuz... Bitch... All Your Base Are Belong to Us! ...if you build it, they will come! (rofl image thingy). TORQUE gawdamnit!


  • Isn't there an offline play bat file in the game folder?
  • If you're referring to the tutorial missions, I made sure to include the tab to play them in the "online" mode since they were rarely seen otherwise. There are only a handful, but they should work fine, and they've always been the full extent of the built-in single-player element, since it's a multiplayer game to the core. The offline mode shortcuts added by the installer should still be functional as well.

    If you're just looking to start a local server to play with bots or over your LAN, you can hit up the "Host" tab after you launch your game. You can pick whatever map and gametype you like, then you'll load right into your server as soon as you hit the launch button.
  • ... Sweet! You guys rock! My Tourettes has been acting up lately and can't tell the difference anymore (even in text form). Thanks for the quick reply! Just wanted to pop my head in and drop a "sup" fellas! It''s gettin' to that time of year again.
  • Ayy can i ask what is the average people online a day?I havent played tribes 2 for quite some time already
  • Ayy can i ask what is the average people online a day?I havent played tribes 2 for quite some time already
    From what I've seen lately and pretty sure it's been like it for some time... It varies from "Damn this guy is good! I hate this #@!*r! I'll get him!" to "Whoah! Lotsa people on tonight. Right on! Here I come to save the Day!" ;-)
  • Feel like playing again.:')
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