Dedicated Server Screws Things Up

edited January 2017 in Server Support
Lately I've been having this issue with a dedicated server completely messing with the bots. When you run them in a dedicated server they act like they're on crack, they completely ignore some objectives and fly like airheads. I would had said that this is a scripting issue but everything works just fine in a listen server.

Now what on earth makes bots completely ignore objectives in a dedicated server vs a listen one? Tried with and without affinity, tried starting with a specified core and tried manually setting a core for T2 to run from the task manager. I'm out of ideas so I need some help, is running a dedicated server modifying anything with how the bots work? Is it modifying the game speed, what is it?

Problem fixed, if anyone wants to know what it was, well... Affinity.exe does not work well with bots and servers, so just don't use affinity when hosting a dedicated or listen bot server. At least, this was my problem.
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