Tribes 2 and 3D: How doable would this be?

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I'm only referring to T2 and no other Unreal Engine driven look-a-likes. No offense but my not moving over is a clear indicator. And for those who ride on the coat tails of the Almighty Creator "Dynamix" (heavenly chime playing)... I'll keep that comment to myself (for obvious reasons).
But seriously, would it be feasible or even possible to port T2 over to 3D? Not talking bout the offsetting of color tricks of certain video cards and then having to wear 3D glasses. Unless it does look awesome (then let me know).
I'm talking Torque, torque and only torque (more heavenly chime).


  • I'd hold off on starting this until they release T3D 4.0, they're planning on modernizing a boatload of the engine, enough so to redraw my interest to it anyways.
  • Sweeeet! Tribes 2 as it is... Awesome! Tribes 2 + 3D... OMG! Even without 3D Tribes 2 managed to have you immersed as if you were in a 3D environment. Seriouslyl... can't wait & thanks for the quick heads up!
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