New App- Rally Time Server Auto Push Notification System- Thyth Chimeth inith

Hey first off, great to see everyone showing up...
Was thinking, of ways to help coordinate more at gatherings and ways to get more players to show up, when others are in server and/or online in TRibes2N it solo on server w/bots or without.

The monitor of the servers,

Modify it or have something on client side, that constantly monitors it, and sends out push/notifications to subscribers.

Subscribers could be email mailing list, that anyone can sign up on, without using their names or player info...

The best way to opt in, would be offer it is widget, that all sites can just put on their sites, social media, email out, and use everywhere, as well...

With this key note, being one of our new player attraction feature, is would throw together an App and put in stores for free, for everyone to see and download and install on their phones, for instant push notifications, information, downloading information, etc., for to attract gamers...

Since Tribes2N is not on steam, the amount of exposure, is of course limited, as I looked at 5 sites to put it on, and they all require the owner of the game to submit.* Note to Contact Current owners of franchise and ask to submit Tribes 2 to at least one or more sites... as Steam of course being one.

Anyways back to Rally System and notifications.

This part that monitors the server and the part that sends out notifications, may or may not need to be done on the game servers and Thyth maybe has some input on this, on best way to get data and send out notifications to subscribers, with master server possibly being source

so when subscribing,
option to choose servers: all, or select subscribe and select/add to favorites toggle, with ability to change settings, add or remove later on, would be nice, as well, as with bots or without, just like it is in game server query on client side GUI...

So this would be client side script part, that adds the function subscriptions, in the Game Browser GUI and Web Base UI

^^^^Is tmail working yet? Lou was helping for sending clan invites, and i got banned for SCP and started playing TA and not sure on what needs to be done to finish that part up, as having the internal mail system, might be possible option, as the BUDDY System aspect, would be real nice for this APP

So option to have buddylist on notification subscription status with server

The other subscription notification feature option is the amount of players on server amount level total...

Could be option to only have players team and exclude observers or just total on server and player names sent to subscriber with server name and link to game to click and auto start T2N on all devices, that can play it on, as anyone playing it on tablets or phones, does not seem to be applicable, unless T2N is offered browser base, though correct me if wrong, as tablets with controller or external keyboard may fly now.

So like this

Players - 1-64 amount limit option to select how many players need to be on a single server playing/observing ex. 5 or more, send notifications out, 4 or less, subscriber is not interested in playing, rally time, for subscriber preference is set based on how many players need to be on server, as some may be happy with 1 and someone else to duel, others 10v10 or more is what it takes to make a cameo.

Buddies- Enter Names of players, could be just text without verification of spelling, or best matched by search query matched to add correct buddy player name and use browser app to access all of this, like Clan manager with a page added in game and embed in websites using json with that could be associated with a players account or optionally a way to not have it used with players account, so option to select and just add buddies from both.

use the Tribes2 buddylist if it is functioning possible,
like enter name of player, who's buddy list, you want notifications is in game and playing and where... could be your own player name and id to fetch the list and use or another players buddy list by just entering name of player who's buddy list you want to pull from, and/or manually add, so could be essentially 2 lists options here
1-add a players tribes2 buddy list in game /browser old version - just add players name to use buddy list from
2- build new list of players to send notifications they are playing.

# option to select how many buddies need to be on server, to get notified, i.e., 1 or 2, 3, 4, 5,... choice criteria

so, if you have send notification when 20 people are on server is met or 10 buddies are on a server or if more servers start filling up, could set option for just being online...

Quake 2 has a query tool for clients and it let's you add players to show on query results and stores clientside the list

if no authenticating method is used or not, and how this is all implemented, is up for discussion

Think we should focus on the best way to do this ASAP, the core functions of this, and getting app up in the APP Stores, so can attract more players, as I predict we will fill up server every night, within a few months of adding the app stores.

if web based or client side only or both and any concerns from anyone on security and feedback is welcome, as well, as help in making this happen...

Who's in?


  • Older versions of GameQ (at least the one on SourceForce) claim to support Tribes 2 server querying in the same way that clients do, implemented in PHP, which would give you the names of players on a particular server. You can get the list of servers on TribesNext by querying our master server list and query across them all every few minutes.

    You don't need to authenticate or get permission from me (or anyone elose) to get the info you need for this kind of project.

    You will, however, need to build it yourself. Good luck.
  • thanks Thyth, was looking at a fork of qstats yesterday, a little and was thinking it might work...will compare to GameQ.

    Maybe teratos can chime in...

    We could run a kickstarter or indiego to help fund it and make it happen, and poach off the midair contributors :P
  • okay, after searching through various repositories and sites, ran across a program that exist, that may be the ticket to ride, with a little configuration and/or modification only required, to work for T2n

    works for all games that use Valve's master server infrastructure (e.g. CS:GO, TF2, ...)
    provides additional information for selected games (QuakeLive, Reflex and Toxikk)
    customizable UI (docking of detail information windows, skin selection)
    powerful sort, filter and search capabilities (supporting wildcards and an expression builder)
    alarm function to notify you when servers are found that match your filter criteria
    no ads
  • okay, update:
    Found easy to install Client Game Server Query, that works for lot of games, included Tribes and Tribes II and it has buddy list option.

    Only thing it is really missing is the notification alert, that could be a simple beep and just run the program in background and will get beep when buddies show up and are playing...scaled down features mentioned above, though this be good starting point imo.

    open source code with packages compiled for installation available:

    Auto Join: Has ability to enter auto login parameters to click and go directly into game, from program.

    Here is file for SCP & SLP with a few buddies added...will update buddy list with more players later on, and save everyone some time, from manually having to add them and can edit and modify the list how you see fit...along with adding more servers and tribes also and any other games anyone recommends, be glad to add, as i left the default data pretty much as it was, with exception deleted a few folders, that you can see on fresh install.

    There is an action feature and some other things have not determined what all can do, as far as alert notifications, as adding a filter or parameters for an alert system, that plays sound when say 5 or more players are on server and other criteria, be nice...anyone with any coding expertise, please advise.
  • Here is a screenshot of buddy list and servers
    • Screenshot from 2017-09-19 16-58-35.png
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